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We would like to present our way of helping Ukrainians in these challenging times. North East Traders and Zajafka marketing agency along with companies and organisations willing to act on this charity event we call ModuLove, will provide shelter to thousands of refugees. The scope of the event is to ultimately create small modular towns within the EU, mostly in Poland for those affected by the crisis. After the war is won these modular towns may be moved to Ukraine to serve as housing for those who will rebuild the country. North East Traders can produce up to 150 margin-free housing units per month, fully furnished and equipped with a bathroom and a kitchenette. The Modular unit can house up to an 8-person family comfortably.

Modulove’s aim is to create a long-term safe harbour for as many refugees as we’ll manage. We believe it’s our duty to help and make sure that our help answers the most fundamental human need – having shelter.

We invite you to help us with ModuLove. This is how you can:

  1. Philanthropy:

You can buy the Modular unit and we will manage the entire process. We’ll ensure your brand is well recognised on the unit and in our marketing campaigns. One Modular unit costs 21,000 $ at the current exchange rate. The unit remains yours.

  1. Chip in:

If buying a unit exceeds your budget, you can declare a contribution and we’ll connect you with another contributor to buy a unit or help with the process.

  1. Help:

If your organisation works in similar or supporting industries (transport, building industry, furniture industry) maybe you can help us with Modulove?

  1. Recommendation:

Can’t help yourself? Help comes in different forms. Recommend ModuLove to your contractors, clients, partners and friends.  

We believe that together we can do a lot of good.

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