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a line of functional and economical modular homes

modular. is a technology of functional, economical and mobile homes based on modular systems that allow for easy adaptation of the space to the needs of its and its residents.

modular. is an environmentally friendly system.

As designers and manufacturers of a modular system. we care about the highest quality of modular house solutions we provide.


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We care for the environment by minimizing CO2 emissions by optimizing logistics. We deliver ready-made modules, which makes it possible to limit the equipment necessary for the construction. modular. houses have excellent thermal insulation, which makes them energy-efficient. The house uses little energy for heating or lighting.

modular. arrives at the destination fully finished, ready to be connected to the electricity and plumbing network.

Our houses can be expanded by virtually any number of modules to best adapt them to your needs. We are able to equip each of our ready-made projects with additional walls and elements.

De modules worden per vrachtwagen op hun bestemming afgeleverd. Het huis kan op elk moment worden gedemonteerd en op een andere plaats worden neergezet.

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